Ehehehehehe, are we jealous??

>You jump in delight and start poking her cheeks. It always gives you great pleasure seeing that young and attracting young model being jealous over you, an old geez … who … spent 14 years of his life in prison … y-yeah, of course it does.

>But! You are a man and so you stop.

Doon’t worry, just some friends and ——- some of them were even poisoned.image



"If there’s anything I’m jealous of it’s your ignorance and disregard for your health! Sweets could ruin you, you know… you have no self control, Tohru!"

Ami puffed her cheeks out as if it would somehow protect her from his pokes… and wait… did he just say some of them were poisoned!?


>Oh, right, your birthday. You almost forgot for a second. The girl’s gesture speaks for itself and you decided to recompose yourself. 

>You just shrug and shake your head. Birthdays happen every year, it’s no big deal. They don’t do anything but reminding how old you are getting.

I know, but …. you don’t have to worry about it. I managed to get some … cookies and sweets anyway, eheh. image

"Of course I should worry, it was the day you were born—"



"Who gave you sweets?"



>You don’t really want to interrupt your reunion with those two misses, but you have to. DUDE remember? Your girlfriend is a girl, not just a pair of boobs. 

>B-but of course!, you thought, ignoring the fact that maybe, for a second, for a tiny second, you probably forgot about it. Anyway! The past is the past, right? 

>You raise your head and look at her. You find yourself sighing and really unable to say anything. You just … realize so many things just by looking in her eyes and that’s kinda scary and breath-taking.

image … hey.

Ami gave him a mother’s smile. The kind of smile that said “I’ll-try-to-be-patient-but-really-I’m-one-second-away-from-punching-you-out” as she gently placed two fingers under his chin and forced him up a little more.

She cursed her inability to stay mad at him as she bit the inside of his cheek.

"It was your birthday…"

smugbeastman started following you

"Hello there…!"


>Just as planned, you land into those two cups made of heaven. Er, actually, just your head lands there, but your whole body reacts to the contact. 

>You just lay there, comfortably frozen, hugging the girl around her waist. You don’t even have a clue about what she’s saying. You have those two huge headphones on your ears, after all.


Aaaaah…as soft as I remembered…!

She should have known he wouldn’t have listened to hear teasing. Ami let out a grunt as she felt the head of a middle aged man suddenly find himself… in between the two most sacred parts of a woman’s body.

"T-tohru!" Ami warned, her face turning red as she gave him a bop on the top of his head.



>You see something rather blue in the distance. 

>Naa, it can’t be, you must be hallucinating. However, that …. thing is moving. So, it just can’t be that blueberry bush you saw yesterday; and it can’t even be your lamp as it wouldn’t make sense for it walk around the town so casually. You are pretty sure lamps don’t have legs, even if science never fails to surprise you.

>Judging from its height, it can’t be a smurf. And maybe smurfs don’t even exist. Maybe there’s , like, only one queen left and she’s in charge of its recolonization. 

>So! There can be …. only one explanation. Well, actually, there could be many, but your brain is so set on that idea that you can’t help but jump on the blue thing, sure of the fact that a couple of soft balloons will sustain you.


"My… my idiot senses… they’re tingling…ngh… I hear someone calling me in the distance… but who… who could this mysterious voice come from? Who could possibly miss me enough to call my name—"

"Probably nobody important, it doesn’t matter."

"Animals are more trouble than they’re worth, but then again so are people."

Anonymous sent: meow

"Shoo cat, don’t bother me."

[mumbles quietly.] “M-meow…”

[sometimes I feel like unfollowing everyone on this blog except for a select few and starting all over again. That might be something I actually do when I have basic internet again.]